2015 Medicaid and Medicare Numbers

Each year the federal government issues new numbers for Medicaid and Medicare.    The 2015 numbers are out.

For Medicaid:

Medicaid Single Income                                      $2,199.00

Medicaid Couple Income (both on Medicaid)    $4,398.00

Minimum Protected Resource Amount              $23,844.00

Maximum Protected Resource                          $119,220.00

Spousal Monthly Allowance                                   $2,980.50

The Gift Penalty is calculated as follows:  the amount transferred divided by $156.34 (2013) = number of days of ineligibility.

For Medicare:

Medicare Part B (covers Medical) Premium per month                 $104.90 

Part B Annual Deductible                                                                 $147.00 (after paying the deductible, the patient pays 20% of the Medicare approved amount, and the government pays 80%)

Skilled Nursing Facility Co-payment                                                $157.50 per day (for days 21-100)

Hospital Stay Deductible                                                                    $1,216.00

Hospital Co-pay                                                                                   315.00 day (for days 61-90), and $630.00 day (for days 91-150)

(After day 150 ,the patient pays the actual hospital cost)