Resolutions for 2014


I resolve never to use on-line forms for my legal documents.
(on-line forms are generic and often wrong)

I resolve to fill out a HIPAA release.
(so that the person helping make your medical decisions has all of the necessary medical information)

I resolve to sign a durable power of attorney.
(to let someone help you with your financial affairs. A great first step to staying out of guardianship)

I resolve to sign a medical power of attorney.
(so someone can make medical decisions if you cannot)

I resolve to sign a Directive to Physicians.
(to let your doctor know your decisions on health care)

I resolve to sign an appointment of guardian.
(to let the judge know your preferences in case you need a guardianship)

I resolve to sign a will.
(to make it easier on your beneficiaries, and give directions for disposing of your estate)

I resolve to consider a trust.
(it’s a great alternative to guardianship, protects assets for beneficiaries, and avoids or minimizes probate)

I resolve to call Hammerle Finley Law Firm for all of my legal needs.
(Be honest. You saw this one coming, didn’t you?)

Here’s to seeing you in 2014!