Thanks for the (Short-Term) Memories

Old Man With Glasses

A Senior’s List of Thanks:

I am thankful for my adjustable hearing aid, so I can tune out my more irritating relatives.

I am thankful that I can’t remember what I had for breakfast (have you ever tasted the food they give the elderly?)

I am thankful for my handicapped parking plaque, especially during the holidays.

I am thankful that the Baby Boomers are finally turning 65 and lobbying for changes in laws that affect them (the new elderly – welcome to the party!).

I am thankful that the background music in senior facilities has finally moved from the 40’s to the 50’s (and am looking forward to the day it hits the 60’s).

I am thankful that motorized wheelchairs can now be turbo-charged (to zip along to the hard rock 60’s background music).

I am thankful that my estate won’t be taxed when I die (or, conversely, I am so thankful that I own more than $5.43 million that I really don’t care that my beneficiaries will have to pay a death tax).

I am thankful for every day that someone doesn’t call me “Sweetie” or ask “how are we doing?”

I am thankful for each and every charitable organization, neighborhood group, and public corporation that puts forth a holiday fund-raiser, organizes holiday entertainment, or delivers holiday meals to the old folks. So remind me – where are you people the rest of the year?

Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at Hammerle Finley Law Firm!