Creating A Guide For Your Family

So you have the basics done – a Will, Powers of Attorney, Burial Instructions, and a few more ancillary documents. Let’s do the next step, and create a guide for your family.

But first – destroy your previous Will and powers of attorney. They will only cause confusion.

Notify your executors that they will have the [dubious] honor of serving. Tell them the location of your Will. Give them a list (or tell them where you left it) with the contact information for your family members, the beneficiaries under your Will, and your professional advisors.

Talk to your burial agent and give instructions – cremation, burial, memorial service, obituary, people to contact.

Keep your powers of attorney and your medical directives handy.

Compile a list of your financial accounts. Close the small accounts. Simple is easier to manage as you get older.

Put together a list of your logins and passwords.

Make a plan for the care of your pets.

Pull together important documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, property deeds, stock certificates (if not held in a brokerage account), military discharge papers, car titles, cemetery plot deed, pre-paid funeral plan, life insurance plans, credit card information for cards that carry accidental death coverage, trust agreement. Check your beneficiary designations.

Once done, it’s easy to update once a year.

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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