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School is almost out, and children and parents alike eagerly await summer break. However, summertime can bring on the blues for families affected by divorce. With proper planning and communication, however, summer can be what it should be for everyone: fun, relaxing and memorable. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you or a loved one are dealing with divorce.

Be a Better Co-Parent

When temperatures rise, take meaningful steps to keep your cool and communicate with your ex. Plan ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts regarding camps and out of town travel. Kids desire quality time with mom and dad over expensive trips and activities. So don’t try to compete with the other parent and charge that trip to Disneyland if you can’t afford it. A trip to the local library, zoo, or ice cream parlor can be just as fun without the expense.

Remember its Summertime

Many parents fall into the trap of fighting over “my” or “your” time. Focus on summer as a whole and what you want to accomplish for you and the kids. If it’s important to you for your kids to attend camp, don’t schedule it on the other parent’s time. Likewise, if your kids have always enjoyed soccer or cheerleading camp, don’t refuse to take them if the other parent signed them up. Kids need both parents and freedom to enjoy life as a child, and so don’t burden them with your own emotions as they pack up and prepare to go to the other parent’s home. Use this time to do something for yourself and enrich your mind, body and soul.

Share Information and Documentation

Don’t be that parent who refuses to provide the other parent with a travel itinerary, contact information, passports, or other important information related to the kids. It’s important for both parents to be kept in the loop in case of an emergency. Additionally, allow your kids to Skype, Facetime, Facebook or snail mail with the other parent at reasonable times. Your children will want to communicate and share their fun experiences with your ex. Just because you and your spouse got divorced doesn’t mean that your kids don’t need and desire a family.

Planning ahead and putting these tips into place will help pave the way for a fun and memorable summer, and will allow you to enjoy and focus on what’s most important: your kids. If your ex isn’t cooperative or circumstances have changed for you or your children, however, don’t hesitate to contact Hammerle Finley Law Firm to help you achieve a parenting plan that is better suited for you and your family.

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