How difficult can it be to write a valid Will? Consider the case of Lon Gresham, who hand-wrote the following:

Terrell Tex Jan. 12-1950 ‘this Letter is Written With the idea that Some thing might happen to me. that I would be wiped out Suddenly if this Should Happen my business would be in awful shape no relatives, nobody to do a thing So, this is written to try to have my affairs wound up in a reasonable way in case of my Sudden Death. Would Like to have all of my affairs, Cash all assets including any Bank Balance turned over to Parties named below With out any Bond or any Court action that can be avoided.they to wind up my affairs in any way they See fit.

U. C. Boyles Refrigeration Supply Co

Charlie Hill Superior Ice Co

Should these Gentleman need a third man Would Suggest Walker. National Bank of Commerce

Each of these Gentleman to Receive $500.00 for his Services I have tried to make my wishes plain. of Course these Crooked Lawyers Would want a Lot of Whereas and Wherefores included in this. not much in favor of the organized Charities they are too Cold blooded also not much in Favor of any person over 21-Benefiting by my Kick off unless there is a good reason am inclined to play the children they are not Responsible for being here and Cant help themselves

‘Terrell-Feb. 7-1950 ‘have Let this Letter get cold and Read it again-to See if it Seemed abut Right don’t See much wrong except no whereas an Wherefores-excuse me ‘Lon Gresham’

Mr. Gresham’s will went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court and back. In the end it was admitted to Probate because it was entirely handwritten and named an executor. Unfortunately, Mr. Gresham forgot to name any beneficiaries in his Will, and the record is silent about the ultimate disposition of his estate.

Perhaps if he had added a “wherefore” ……..

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