5 Things to Remember When Planning For Divorce

DivorceMany people spend hours and even years planning for the “perfect” wedding.  It’s not appealing to think that you may one day have to plan for a divorce, but when faced with the possibility, there are steps you can take to help pave the way for a smoother split from your spouse.  Remember these simple tips when better turns to worse, if you or a loved one is considering a divorce.

  1. Know your Net Worth – Don’t go into a divorce blind. Have a comprehensive, working knowledge of your assets and liabilities.  Copy and organize your financial documents and keep them in a safe place.
  2. Keep Cool and Find a Reputable Counselor – Divorce is a life changing event, and can be one of the most emotionally tumultuous periods a person may experience in a lifetime. That said, it’s imperative to remember that what you say and do can and will be used against you in Court.  Limit texts and emails to a courteous exchange of information with your spouse, and don’t put something in writing that would be embarrassing or damaging to your case in Court.  Find a reputable therapist to help manage stress throughout the divorce process.
  3. Clean Up your Social Media – In today’s age, social media is for many like a reality TV show, and often people have no filter when it comes to what is posted online.  Before filing for divorce, delete all pictures or posts that are inappropriate and could be used against you during the case.  Once the divorce has been filed, you will be enjoined from deleting anything from your social media accounts because it equates to the destruction of evidence.  Clean up your act before the divorce is filed, and while your case is pending, refrain from posting details about your daily life.
  4. Keep Focused on your Kids – Put your kids first and keep them out of the fray.  Don’t use your children as the messenger and don’t disparage your spouse in front of them.  Find a reputable child or play therapist to help your children understand and manage their own emotions. Remember that divorce is a life-changing event for them, too, and that children tend to blame themselves for their parents breaking up.  Most importantly, remind your children that you love them, and that they are not the reason for the divorce.
  5. Call Hammerle Finley Law Firm – We’re experienced in handling all types of divorce matters, from simple to the most complex. Give us a call – we can help!