This may be helpful for parents to give to their transitioning children.

Dear Adult Child:

Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I welcome you as my peer.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I too, am ready to get on with my life.

While you were growing up, my house was your home. That time is over, and I want some privacy. Do not just walk in. Call before you come over.

The family heirlooms are mine. When I want you to have them, I will give them to you. You cannot take grandma’s dining room table – if you need a table, then buy one.

I love all of my kids. That does not mean I have to treat them equally. Get over it.

I reserve the right to say no to all invitations, including an invitation to baby-sit your children.

I appreciate your right to make mistakes. They are not, however, my mistakes, and I will not bail you out.

I may make a Last Will and Testament. It doesn’t go into effect until I die. If I name you a beneficiary, that doesn’t mean you have an ownership interest in my property now. I do not have to limit my lifestyle to preserve your inheritance.

I will get older. I want to age gracefully and die with dignity. I may ask you to be my agent to help me make decisions and to handle my affairs. That does not mean that I want you to substitute your values for mine. If you cannot respect my wishes, then please tell me so now.

A close family relationship is worth more than the most precious diamonds. I love you. Now go get a life.

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