It’s no surprise to anyone traveling through North Texas – I-35E is a traffic-clogged nightmare. Officials have been talking about an I-35E expansion in Denton County for decades. Now it looks like it will be a reality, moving the current 4 regular lanes and the frontage lanes to a total of 18 lanes.
Of course, to do that they will have to buy up a lot of private property and tear down a slew of private buildings. The government has a right to do that through their eminent domain powers. The process is called Condemnation, and it looks like there will be a lot of Denton County residents affected.
The government starts a condemnation proceeding by making an offer to a landowner. The landowner can accept it, negotiate it, or refuse it. If they refuse it, then for property located in Denton County, the State will file its condemnation action in the Denton County probate court.
If they haven’t already, at this point the landowner should seriously consider hiring a law firm experienced in condemnation actions. Hammerle Finley has attorneys who are experienced in Denton County real estate land takings, fair compensation, eminent domain litigation and government valuation of property.
The Denton County Judge will appoint three Denton County residents to act a special commissioners to hear the condemnation dispute. Our attorneys will work with an experienced appraiser to prepare and present the landowner’s case. If the commissioner’s award is not acceptable, and another resolution cannot be negotiated, then the case goes back to Court to be litigated.
Texas condemnation law has evolved for over 100 years. The I-35E Eminent Domain Actions will require intense work by attorneys who are familiar with the area. Hammerle Finley Law Firm has been in Denton County for more than 25 years. We can help.