Texas has a long history of permissive law for carrying weapons. Legal carrying can depend on the place, the mode of transportation, the job of the person carrying, or the permit held.

But there are some weapons that are considered inherently dangerous. It is never legal to carry these weapons. In fact, not only is carrying prohibited, so is  possessing, manufacturing, repairing and selling them.

These are:

  • an explosive weapon
  • components of explosives
  • a machine gun
  • a short-barrel firearm
  • a firearm silencer
  • a switchblade knife
  • brass knuckles
  • armor-piercing ammunition
  • a chemical dispensing device
  • a zip gun
  • hoax bombs

Possession or use of any of these weapons, except knuckles, hoax bombs or a switchblade knife, will result in a third degree felony. Possession of knuckles, a switchblade knife, or a hoax bomb is a class A misdemeanor.

Like Texas state law, federal law also prohibits  several  inherently dangerous weapons.

Under federal law, it is illegal for any person (other than a federally licensed manufacturer, dealer, importer or collector)  to sell, deliver or transport a machine gun, a short barreled rifle or a short barreled shotgun in interstate commerce. Federal law also prohibits the sale, delivery or transportation of a destructive device, such as a bomb, mine or grenade.

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