2016 ResolutionsIn 2016, let’s get some things done.

If you haven’t looked at your Will and ancillary documents (durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, HIPAA release, declaration of guardian, directive to physicians, appointment of agent to control disposition of remains) in the last two years, then pull them out and review them.  Don’t have these documents?

Pull together the important stuff.  You should have a notebook (or at least a drawer) that contains the original or copies of your insurance policies, annuities, bank account and safety deposit box information, deeds, appraisals, investment accounts.  If you have the following, include them:  divorce decree and written marital agreement.

You need a list that has the names and contact information for your attorney, CPA, financial advisor, children and beneficiaries.

You should have a list of your logins and passwords to important accounts.  Don’t forget Facebook and Linked In.

Review your beneficiary designations and joint account information.   Make sure you understand their effect.

Finally, do a cash flow analysis for retirement.

Start 2016 out right, and have a great year!

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