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Granny Get Your Gun – Disaster Carry for Handgun Owners

Do you ever feel like you are in an unending Ad Lib game? “Today the  issued a disaster declaration  regarding and advised everyone to immediately.  Reaction was .“ Regardless of the crisis du jour, it would be wise for all of us to brush up on the Disaster Carry law in Texas. When Hurricane Harvey hit, it became evident that the handgun law in Texas had a gaping...

Beware the MERP – Texas offers Huge Loophole to Recovery Program

MERP is the Texas Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. Its sole purpose is to seize money from the estates of deceased Medicaid recipients and then plop the recovered funds back into the state’s coffers. The government, acting through a contractor called Health Management Systems, Inc. (HMS), does this by filing a claim in probate.       Why is this a prudent financial maneuver by the government? Because although Medicaid is a needs-based program,...

Child Custody Mediation Advantages: Full Checklist

If you’re in need of an attorney, we want you to know that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm is open during regular business hours. We are meeting clients in our office while practicing social distancing, keeping everyone six feet apart and, for the time being, foregoing all handshakes and hugs. If you prefer, we can schedule telephone or video conferences, and we also make off-site appointments. Whatever your preference,...
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