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New 2021 Upcoming Changes To Estate Planning and Probate

I usually do not write about pending legislation because the language in bills can change at lightening speed and it is difficult to summarize a bill without partisan spin. This year is different. The proposed changes are so drastic and impactful on estate planning and probate that you need to know what is out there. The top 4 laws to watch are the federal estate and gift tax exemption, portability,...

You Can Now Be Sued Through Your Social Media Account

You are sitting at home scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, and you see that you have a new message. When you click on it, you see the words “You have been sued.” This is a joke, right? Unfortunately, no. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts became toxic on December 31, 2020. If you blinked, then you might have missed it. That is the day the new rules for serving legal documents...

The Imperiled Federal Estate Tax Exemption

Is dying a taxable event? According to your friendly Federal government, the answer is yes. Let us ask a more meaningful question: is it fair that the government gets to take 40% of your hard-earned money just because you die? Class? What Is The Federal Estate Tax for 2021? We have a federal estate tax of 40%. Most people do not pay it because their estate does not exceed the federal estate tax...
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