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ERISA – What You Need To Know

It took 4 courts and several years but, by gosh, justice was done. This story is about divorce, death, and money. Mike and Wendy married and then divorced. In the divorce decree Mike was awarded his employment benefits, including his life insurance.  After the divorce Mike logged onto the employer’s benefits system and tried, but failed, to delete Wendy as the beneficiary of his life insurance.        Years later Mike died. He...

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage… Or does it?

By Kendra Rey Just what is your relationship with your Valentine?  In this month of l’amour, do you know if that person you are cozying up with is your spouse or just a close friend? And what is the legal effect of that? (Leave it to a lawyer to make “Love” something debatable!) If you have gone through a ceremonial marriage with your significant other, then you know you have a...

Dependent Administration in Texas – What Is It?

Harold never wanted to spend the time or money making out a will. He was fond of saying “Why would I want to waste my money? It won’t be my problem – I’ll be dead. Let my relatives figure it out.” Hahaha. Good one, Harold. What Happens If You Die Without A Will In Texas It was only after Harold was dead, his assets were frozen, and his creditors were clamoring at...
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