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Claiming Your Parent As A Dependent

Most of us are familiar with claiming our children as dependents for federal income tax purposes. However under some circumstances you can claim your parents or other qualifying relatives as dependents. Why should I claim my parent as a Dependent? The recent changes to the tax laws took away the personal exemption for each dependent that we were used to. For tax years 2019 through 2025 there are no personal exemptions....

When Does Child Support End In Texas?

What a strange and difficult year 2020 has been for families! Determining whether to home school children or send them back to a face to face learning environment in the midst of a pandemic has been challenging. Loss of earnings and stability has been something parents and children alike have been forced to handle. And through it all, parents have the obligation to emotionally and financially support their minor children,...

16 Relaxing Quotes To Make You Feel Better

For goodness sakes’ people: Smile! All is not gloom and doom.    The future may contain huge unknowns, but doesn’t it always? The other side may seem completely wrong about everything,  but isn’t there a possibility that there may be the slightest smidgeon of right lurking under the bombast?  Your favorite sports team may seem condemned by a broken ankle, but aren’t there another 54 or so players still running around on...
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