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How To Get Your PPP Loan Forgiven In Texas

Many businesses took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act created by Congress to combat the economic damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The PPP loans issued under this act were designed to help businesses continue to pay their employees and pay certain utility expenses. Now that you have the funds, do you have to pay them back?  Surprisingly, you may not have to pay portions of the funds...

Dash for Cash – Informal Funding of Inheritance Has Hidden Dangers

Several years ago I had a probate consultation with three very nice people whose great-aunt had recently died.  They apologized for their somewhat disheveled appearance and explained that they had spent the day dismantling furniture, prying up floorboards and digging up the backyard of their great-aunt’s residence.  It seems that their great-aunt did not believe in banks, and so she kept her savings in cash and hid it in...

Keeping Track of Your Estate Planning Documents

You did the right thing: you went to an estate planning lawyer and had documents prepared. What you do now? Perhaps it is easier to describe what you should not do. What You Shouldn't Do With Your Estate Planning Documents You should NOT lose them. You should NOT put them in a place where they cannot be easily found. You should NOT interlineate changes, mark through names or addresses, or spill coffee...
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