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The Two Most Important Documents of Your Life – Court Cases Lead to Changes

Karen Ann Quinlan. Karen Cruzan. Terry Schiavo. These 3 women are associated with court cases involving the right to die.  Right to Die Cases In 1975, Karen Quinlan attended a party where she drank alcohol and took tranquilizer pills. Quinlan went into respiratory failure, suffered irreversible brain damage, and fell into a coma. She was 21 years old.  Quinlan was placed on a ventilator and feeding tube. Her parents wanted the ventilator disconnected...

Dividing Family Possessions: A Perilous Process

My husband comes from a large, loving, boisterous family. Growing up they were anything but wealthy; it was the kind of household where there was always food on the table but seldom enough for seconds. Their house was small and modest.  As time passed, the kids grew up and moved away and married. Their father died and the time came when their mother realized the house was too much to...

Never Say Never – Can You Revoke an Irrevocable Trust?

How do you spell “relief” in 2021?     F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y. As in travel, work location, masking, and estate plans.   Estate plans?  Unfortunately, yes. Many estate plans originated decades ago and have been rendered obsolete by family, economic and tax changes.  Most estate plans can be changed. A modification here, a restatement there, perhaps a revocation followed by an execution of a new document – all possible. Other estate plans, however, are unavoidably tied to the...
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