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Texas Open Carry – Everything You Need To Know in 2020

If you’re in need of an attorney, we want you to know that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm is open during regular business hours. We are meeting clients in our office while practicing social distancing, keeping everyone six feet apart and, for the time being, foregoing all handshakes and hugs. If you prefer, we can schedule telephone or video conferences, and we also make off-site appointments. Whatever your preference,...

A Horrible End to a Beautiful Beginning – Cohabitation Nightmare

So you want to live with someone to whom you are not married?  We call that “cohabitating” or “inviting a lawsuit.” Whatever. Cohabitation is legal, but that does not mean it is a relationship you should leap into lightly.  Before you make the move, you should consider the cautionary tale of Stephen Carl Smith and Mary Deneve. Smith and Deneve began living together in 1991. They neither married nor signed a cohabitation...

Idiots and Lunatics – State Law Controls Voter Qualification

For well over a century, idiots and lunatics were prohibited from voting in Texas. There had been some discussion about also prohibiting drunkards, but that was dropped when the legislators realized it would disqualify most of them. Texas has not been alone in its thinking. Eleven states still have laws banning “insane persons” or those who are “non compos mentis” from voting. More than 25 states ban people who have...
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