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It is Twenty Years Later – Do You Know Where Your Lawyer Is?

Talk about an aging profession. More than 35% of the licensed attorneys in the State of Texas are over the age of 55. Ouch. Just like other professionals, lawyers can retire, move, get hit by lightning, or die. If that happens to your lawyer, then it can leave you, the client, in a mess. You need to protect yourself from the unintentional fallout. Before we get to the steps you should take, consider...

Top Ways Your Business Can Prepare for the New SBA Loan

As the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic and its threat to the American economy became increasingly apparent, Congress passed the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act on March 27, 2020. The original law created a relief package of over $2 trillion with the purpose to provide fast and direct economic assistance to American workers, families and small businesses while preserving jobs for American businesses and industries. For small...

Butt Shaking – Accusation of Lawyer’s Bad Acts goes Viral

In 1989 the justices of the two highest courts of this great State of Texas, disgusted with the bad behavior of a “minority” of Texas lawyers, adopted a missive called The Texas Lawyer’s Creed. It sets forth aspirational rules of conduct using a consistent theme of the lawyer’s duty of honesty, candor and fairness towards clients, opposing counsel and judges. Little did the justices realize that their Creed contained a...
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