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Oops, She Did It Again – A Toxic Conservatorship Gone Crazy

Lately it seems as if stories about Britney Spears and her attempts to end her California conservatorship have appeared in every tabloid in America. Endlessly.   While the Britney stories make for great voyeuristic reading, they also serve a bigger purpose: they shine a bright spotlight on the right and wrong ways to end a conservatorship. In Texas, a conservatorship is called a guardianship. A Texas guardianship can be ended by several...

15 Common Estate Planning Documents You Should Know About

When you undertake your estate planning, you don’t want to do only a so-so job. This is not an area of your life where you just want to “wing it.” You want to make sure you have all of the essential legal documents to your estate planning, and you may want to venture beyond the essential to the non-essential, but helpful, documents. In order to do that, you need...

When Virtual Becomes Reality: Cryptocurrency Comes Riding into Texas

Cryptocurrency is finally becoming accepted in the estate planning world. It just received another big boost in Texas with the enactment of HB 4474, the Virtual Currency Bill. You certainly cannot ignore cryptocurrency, with its $2 trillion valuation, but you probably want to be cautious for now.     What is Cryptocurrency Here is an abbreviated explanation. Cryptocurrency is digital cash. It is transacted through a blockchain, which is the name for the...
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