High Net Worth Divorces in Texas

High net worth individuals face an added level of complexity when they divorce.   Frequently, our clients are share holders in closely held businesses or family corporations. In these circumstances, it is important to have family law attorneys that
understand and have substantial experience in dealing with business valuations.

Other common themes in high net divorces are a breach of fiduciary duty or committing marital fraud.  When it comes to the division of large marital estates,  suspicion is often the rule rather than the exception.  It is imperative in these matters to have experienced attorneys who can work with other professionals such as forensic accountants and business valuation experts to ascertain whether one spouse has attempted to hide assets from the other.

Craig M. Fowler of Hammerle Finley Law Firm, has this experience.  He has 20 years experience litigating the complex property matters that often afflict high net worth individuals.
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