Death Party Planning

Hey you! Aren’t you one of those adults who are procrastinating about making a Will?   Then let’s make it fun – let’s combine Estate Planning with designing your Death Party!

We don’t have to be gloomy about it – we can hire an event planner to do something special. Let’s customize it – make a Power Point, broadcast the memorial online, hire a performer or two. You can prepare a video with your “after death” message. We’ll invite some special people to sit on a dais and deliver a speech.

Don’t forget to choose the theme. You might decide to have your ashes sent off into outer space. Maybe you want a disco party. Or you may choose a Green Burial, with organic food and flowers (you, of course, would have a biodegradable casket).

How do we get the word out? You can draft a script to be delivered via Facebook or some other type of social media to your friends. Or you can go with pre-printed invitations that you created. Perhaps you will decide to livestream your party and set up a chatroom for your friends to participate.

While we’re at it, let’s choose your agent to carry out your wishes. Shoot, let’s even set aside some money to pay for all of it. Or maybe your planning is far enough along that you can pay for it now.

We’ve gone this far – if you are going to choose a burial agent and draft burial instructions, enter into a prepaid funeral contract, and draft a legacy plan for your social media accounts, perhaps you should go the next step and finalize your Will, your Powers of Attorney and your HIPAA release.

Who knew Estate Planning could be this much fun?

Give us a call – we can help.