Guinevere Loses Custody Battle; Lancelot Victorious

As you may recall when we left off previously, Guinevere had taken King Arthur to the cleaners, taking 60% of the king’s booty and cohabiting with Sir Lancelot down by the lake. Well, as often happens during cohabitation, Guinevere got pregnant with Lancelot’s child. They had a beautiful son that they named Bob.

After her experience with King Arthur, Guinevere decided that she was not the marrying type, much to the dismay of Lancelot. She also had taken her new found fortune and become quite the baroness of middle ages industry. She owned a slew of slaughterhouses, a plethora of pubs and a bevy of brothels. With all of her business interests, Guinevere was one busy maiden.

Lancelot had changed as well. He had grown tired of a life of marauding and vanquishing barbarians and the occasional dragon. Once Bob showed up, Lancelot was a changed knight. He spent his time taking care of Bob, preparing his baby gruel and having play dates.

By the time Bob was one year and a half old, Lancelot and Guinevere had split and filed a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship to deal with the custody issues of the toddler knight. Guinevere relented primary custody to Lancelot, but sought a Standard Possession Order with Bob. Lancelot objected because Bob was only two and pointed the judge to other relevant factors that the Court could consider.

The Court agreed with Lancelot, that Guinevere didn’t have the time to spend with Bob as she spent all of her time running her brothels, slaughterhouses and pubs. The Court crafted a possession schedule that provided Guinevere with substantial contact with Bob, but less than a Standard Possession Order.

The moral of the story…call the Family Law Practice Group at Hammerle Finley Law Firm to help you with custody issues for children under three.