Pre-Nuptial Agreement Saves a Fortune


Kaley Cuoco portrays a quintessential ditzy blonde on TV, but her real-life divorce settlement shows that she is nobody’s fool.

Her marriage to Ryan Sweeting was brief, but resulted in a protracted legal battle over Cuoco’s large net worth, and over Sweeting’s request to receive spousal support from Cuoco. Cuoco is one of Hollywood’s highest paid television actress- she makes $1 million per episode of the Big Bang Theory and has an estimated net worth of $45 million.  However, Sweeting walked away with merely $165,000 and approximately $55,000 of his legal costs paid by Cuoco.

Cuoco was able to protect her fortune through a well-drafted pre-nuptial agreement. A pre-nuptial agreement (or a premarital agreement) can help you plan for what will happen to your assets and liabilities in the event that you and your intended spouse divorce. A premarital agreement is not only for the extremely wealthy, like Cuoco.  Divorced and separated spouses can wreak havoc on each other (and their credit) by doing things such as running up debt in the other spouse’s name. A premarital agreement can help protect you from the consequences of behavior like that, and it can help parties avoid financial conflict over assets.

A premarital agreement is a great tool to financially plan for your life, no matter what events may occur.

Certainly, Cuoco did not likely marry Sweeting with the expectation of divorce, but she still signed a pre-nuptial agreement that financially protected her at the end of the marriage.

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