Expunctions in Texas

Many people did things when they were younger that resulted in an embarrassing interaction with the police. Some youthful indiscretions can have lifelong consequences that simply were not envisioned or understood when the person pled guilty to an offense that seemed minor at the time. People call our office quite often to complain that, “I can’t get a good job because of my past,” and they want to remove the offense from their record.

Thanks to the Internet, criminal background checks are now cheap and available to even the smallest of employers, and apartment complexes screen every applicant to ensure that someone with a criminal conviction does not rent from them. As a result, even people with a single misdemeanor offense on their record can have difficulty finding a job or a place to live.

To avoid falling into this trap, everyone should know what types of cases cannot be removed from one’s criminal history before accepting a plea bargain agreement on a criminal matter.

Almost all juvenile matters can be sealed, but if someone is charged with a criminal offense as an adult, the story is quite different. For example, DWI convictions can never be removed. Likewise, any plea bargain that imposes punishment of even one day in jail, with no probation, means that person’s criminal conviction can never be expunged, or completely removed. It simply is not allowed by law.

If you or someone you know needs an expunction, give us a call.  We can help.