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8 Questions Small Business Owners Should Ask Their Attorney

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to get your small business off the ground, it’s important to meet with a small business attorney to help navigate complex legal issues and minimize future risks. As you prepare to speak with an attorney, here are several important questions to keep in mind. 1. How Do I Limit My Personal Liability as a Business Owner? The best way to limit your personal exposure to liabilities...

How To Start An LLC In Texas

Join the Club -  The Exclusive, Elusive Texas LLC Limited Liability Companies are all the rage in business circles.  You need to know the basics if you have any aspirations at all to run with the in-crowd.  You may eventually decide that you need to bring at least one LLC into your life. An LLC is a creature of statute.  Since we’re in Texas, we will focus on LLCs created under...

Jury Verdict for $700,000 in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case

In a closely- watched case, a Denton County jury has decided that an individual and his new company should pay the individual’s former employer $700,000 for theft of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty. The individual, Kevin Wolfe, had worked for 5 years as general manager for a manufacturing company, Medical Extrusions Technologies-Texas, Inc., located in Lewisville, Texas. In 2010, Wolfe decided that he wanted to start a competing...

Non-compete Agreements in Texas

Non-compete agreements are usually enforceable in Texas, but are subject to being modified by a court.
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